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The statistics are alarming. The USA is home to the highest obesity rate in the world - about two-thirds of adults, some 136 million people, are overweight or obese. And as our waistlines expand, so do cases of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and stroke says playwright, physician Gerald Deas. His  prescription?  Deliver this heavy message with saucy humor, spicy lyrics  and a fat soundtrack that resonates with audiences of all ages, shapes  and sizes.   

Today's Special


Audiences  laugh, shout and squeal in the aisles at Oh! Oh! Obesity, the gospel-rock, rap n' roll musical comedy about America's obsession with losing weight. The musical- hailed by the New York Daily News as "a ton of laughs" -  takes us a journey with a lovable, over-weight cast who sing, dance and strut their way through restaurants, weight-loss doctors, gym memberships, diet gurus  - all in the name of shedding a few pounds. The musical has played to sold-out audiences throughout NYC.  

Meet the chef


Physician, poet, playwrite - Brooklyn native Gerald Deas keeps a lot on his plate. Host of a weekly radio health show in New York for nearly two decades, Deas went on to become a medical reporter for Fox News. In addition to practicing medicine, he works tirelessly as a health crusader at SUNY Downstate, his alma mater.  Author of multiple musicals and plays, numerous books of poetry and countless songs, Deas spends his free time with Beverly, his wife and creative partner for over half a century.    

Oh! Oh! Obesity see what you're doing to me...

Oh! Oh! Obesity, 

See what you’re doing to me, 

It plagues humanity, 

But getting fat is fun.

Oh! Oh! Obesity, 

The races suffer equally,

We'd rather die in the majority 

We'd rather walk than run. 

You may think that we all are fat,

You may think that we ate all that, 

But we know where it's at ...

Wherever we sit, you know we sat! 

Phat Tracks

"My name is ham-some"

"You're gonna need somebody"

"Jelly bread falls on jelly side down"

"You gotta stay real cool"

"Oh! Oh! Obesity"

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